Android development is one of the hottest topics to learn, With a single app you can create a worldwide product, Android Studio came into the picture.

With time-saving features, learning the Android Studio is essential to becoming a good Android developer. There are some amazing resources out there to learn Java and XML, however, there aren’t many resources out there to teach you this amazing software.

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In this course we will be going over the Android studio. We will take it from installation to debugging, to deployment. Note, this is not a Java/Development course, but a course to learn the Android Studio IDE.

Android Studio Has Some Amazing Time-Saving Features That Most People Never Use!!

We will cover these tools, as well as go over other features and resources that will improve the quality of your code.

Why is Android Studio Important?

It’s the thing that ties Android development together. It can aid your development in making better, higher quality, and more manageable apps. In this course, I hope to teach you enough about Android Studio that you will be comfortable using all of its time-saving tools. This will speed up your efficiency and quality of code.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Android Studio
  • People who are learning Android development and want more insight into Android Studio


  • Be able to use Android Studio to aid them in App Creation
  • Understand how to use Android Studio to speed up their workflow

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